A Vision for Catholic Education

Catholic Schools have a unique mission rooted in Christ and the teachings of His Church.

Public funding allows us to do this well.

Home + School + Parish together educate the whole child forming a circle of support and a strong foundation for life.


Home + As your child’s first teacher you create the foundation for learning

School + A Catholic school’s unique role is to build upon that foundation of faith

Parish + This partnership completes the circle of support for your child and family


Highlights from the 2017-2021 Term

  • Advocated for Ward 73: Replacement School Ben Calf Robe-St. Clare (K-9) & 5 playgrounds!
  • Initiated Community Engagement Committee: Rebuilt Board relationships and reputation
  • Championed as a Board for new Schools to be built: 4 including a North End High School

Accountability Letter

Looking Forward

As your Catholic School Board Trustee I will continue to:

  • Stand with you, upholding parent voice and our unique Catholic identity
  • Stand with you, advocating for budget priorities that support our mission
  • Stand with you, as we live and declare that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, this is always Good News!

Fast Facts

  • Active Catholic, 25 years in voluntary ministry to children, youth and adults in Catholic parishes
  • 14 year resident of Ward 73, member of Beverly Heights Community League, I know my neighbours!
  • Married for 29 years; two adult daughters-both graduates of Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • School Council member for 10 years, I appreciate the vital contributions of School Councils!
  • Bachelor of Social Work, UBC; Catholic School Trustee certificate, Newman Theological College
  • As a social worker, supported disadvantaged youth to complete high school
  • As a fundraiser, worked with Archdiocese of Edmonton supporting Catholic education

Here to listen. Here to serve.